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TESTIMONIALS ❱❱ RE: Ocean Discovery

Wednesday, October 1st, 2014 10:22 am

Joe Webster
Superintendent: Ocean Discovery

I just wish to say that I am greatly appreciative of the successful completion of the required works carried out to the Ocean Discovery within the required time frame. It has been an absolute pleasure working with you and I hope Gardline will bring more vessels here to PSC Tema in the future.

We have other ships operating in the West Africa region and all too often, they are sent on lengthy and expensive diversions to ship yards many miles away just because we have had previous dealings with them. There must be a first time for everything and this being the first time utilising the facilities at PSCT for Gardline, I am confident that due to a successful repair period, there should be many more.

Your project managers, Samuel and Deen, have been diligent and highly efficient in keeping the works on track and within our required time. Issues such as fenders and DPI testing which could have easily caused delays were addressed very well and although out of the yard's control, worked out well in the end thanks to their efforts. They are excellent project managers.

Eric the Dock Master has proven to be a joy to work with. He is professional, hard working, knowledgeable and experienced as well as being a man full of character. The Chief Officer, although now on leave, asked me to pass along his thanks to Eric for making our time here run smoothly.

Anorkor, Salim, Madam Evelyn and their teams have been most helpful and forthcoming with all the arrangements, contract details, quotes, certificates etc. and their efficiency has played a vital role in securing the successful completion of works required.

The pipe fitters were hard working and knowledgeable, they managed to rectify defects we have had for a long time and the quality of their work was impressive.

The steelworkers and welders have done a fantastic job on the ship's plating and it has made the Ocean Discovery a fully class approved ship again.

I was especially impressed with the electrical team you have at PSCT. They were straight at it as soon as we got in and did an exceptional job of tidying up all the many loose and redundant cables we had. They also rewound the motor for the emergency bilge pump, changed the bearings, and even pre-warned us to check the power supply prior to installation due to their suspicion as to the reasons behind the fact that only one phase had burnt out. Many thanks to them.

The cleaning and painting teams have worked hard in some very dirty, hot, uncomfortable areas of the ship and I wish to thank them for all their efforts. With their work, we have overcome a milestone which was previously impossible to reach with the amount of crew onboard. Now, it will be easier to maintain this level of good housekeeping.

Your safety supervisors and fire watchmen have been very cooperative with the bridge team on the OD. Their diligence and care for others' safety has ensured nobody was hurt, no fires occurred, the permit to work system was enforced and everyone working on a job could do so safely.

The ship yard here is a fantastic place and I have enjoyed working here with you immensely. Many thanks to all of you and I wish you all the very best for the future of PSCT.

Many thanks and best regards,