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Dear Sir / Madam,


The Government of Ghana (GoG) is the sole shareholder of the PSC Tema Shipyard Company Ltd a private limited liability company established under the laws of Ghana (“the Company”). The Company is mainly engaged in shipyard, drydock and related activities and owns various assets together constituting the shipyard (‘the Shipyard”).


The GoG considers the Shipyard as a Strategic National Asset and seeks to rehabilitate and upgrade it into a modern well equipped Shipyard to:

(a) attract relevant business to the Shipyard;

(b) ensure that this strategic asset contributes significantly to the economy of Ghana; and

(c) carry out its mandate of its authorised business under the laws of Ghana.

In particular, the GoG envisions that the Shipyard if properly equipped can engage in the business of:

(i) ship repairs and refitting;

(ii) ship building;

(iii) steel and aluminium fabrication; and

(iv) metal and general engineering services


In view of the GoG’s efforts to continuously promote private sector led economic growth, the GoG hereby invites prospective investors to help realize the significant potential of the Shipyard. In particular, the GoG wishes to partner with a Strategic Investor (SI) (through a joint venture special purpose company (“SPV”) under a Public Private Partnership arrangement to develop, upgrade and operate the Shipyard. The GoG envisages that in addition to attaining the above, the Shipyard should take advantage of the economic opportunities in the oil and gas industry and promote local content and improve Ghana’s competitiveness in West Africa’s offshore oil and gas industry. The GoG also expects that:

a. the SI, through the SPV will transform the Shipyard both physically and operationally into a modern, well equipped facility in order to make it the first choice for ship owners using the west coast of Africa.
b. the Shipyard will be operated on a commercial basis and be accessible to all local and international organizations seeking to do business with the Shipyard.

Bid Documents

Interested eligible bidders may obtain copies of the Bid Documents from:

The Chief Director,
Ministry of Transport,
Accra, Ghana.

The Bid Documents will be available from Monday, June 22, 2015.

Cost of Bid Documents:

a. Companies wholly owned by Ghanaians – thirty thousand Ghana Cedis (GHS30,000.00) and
b. Companies partially or wholly owned by Foreigners – ten thousand US dollars ($10,000.00) or its equivalent in Ghana Cedis at the prevailing exchange rate.

Interested Bidders are to note that there will be a two (2) day pre-bid conference on July 22, 2015 and July 23, 2015. Interested Bidders who purchase Bid Documents should ensure they have fully read the Bid Documents and submit their comments and questions if any, to the Chief Director, Ministry of Transport prior to the Bid Conference or at the Bid Conference.

Bid Data Room
A Bid data room will also be available at the Shipyard from Monday, June 29, 2015 for those who have purchased the Bid Documents.

All completed bids must be submitted not later than 10:00 hours GMT on August 26, 2015.

Issued by: The Ministry of Transport on behalf of the Government of Ghana.